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***Urgent News***

Fall 2015 Team Season

-- August 30, 2015 --

A new season is about to begin!!!


The Monday season begins 8/31, and the schedule is Here!

-- Schedule--


The Wednesday Season will begin 9/2 and the schedule is here!  


--Queens A Schedule --

--Queens B Schedule --

League News


The Fall Monday and Wednesday seasons are about to begin!  There is a lot of PDL news to go around as well.  The summer was a time of a lot of development... so here are some of the bullet points:


- The Monday season will begin 8/31, with a schedule to be posted around 9pm on Sunday 8/30.  There will then be a week off for Labor Day, and Week #2 will resume immediately after that.  The start before Labor Day wes necessary to make sure that our end of the season party could take place on time and everyone gets their awards!


- The Wednesday season will begin 9/2 with a schedule to be posted around 9pm on 9/1.  The season wil continue straight through until a week off for Thanksgiving eve.


- The Individual League (while not updated on the site, our apologies) has been moving smoothly.  Our thanks to all of the bracket reps for getting the games played and the scoresheets submitted.  The stats will be up either late Sunday 8/30 night or very early in the week, and since most brackets are near completion, the dates for the final tournaments will be posted then


- We welcome The Players Darts Press!  This is our new blog intended to give color and depth to our community and league.  Recaps of each weeks matches and accomplishments will be posted, and explanations of rules, etc can be posted here as well.  If anyone would like a "column" on this blog, get in touch with us.  We have a few positions available for the right voice.


- We have a ton of old, unsorted awards.  Many of you have asked when you can get them, but the truth of the matter is that after the Awards party, for those who can't make them, they get put in storage.  With over 20 boxes of unsorted old plaques, locating plaques for any one person or bar is a daunting task.  However, we'd like you to have these awards as much as you'd like them!  We have a lot of things we could use the storage space for and you earned em, after all.  To that end, we are trying to co-ordinate an "Old Awards Reclamation Night" where we will take all of the old awards to one location and start sorting them/unearthing them.  Anyone who would like to come claim awards should come that night.  After that, we will hold onto the old awards until the Fall Awards party and then dispose of them after that party.  That gives people two chance to reclaim old awards.


- Many of you have probably heard us (mostly Adam) going on and on about stats over the years.  We're very excited to say that the vision of our website when we first started this league back in 2009 is almost here.  We envisioned a site like a fantasy football site where every game ever played would be recorded and accessible.  We've built the database and converted all of the old stats, as well as redesigned the website.  The last step before releasing the new site is to hook the database up to the new site... which will hopefully be ready in time to release the stats for week #2 of this season!  To give a small sample of what this will look like, here is a "Location Profile" sample page.  This lists a particular locations stats... so you'll always know what the records at each bar are.  The links off of this page aren't live, but the buttons on the bottom page will change the tables... most of which can be sorted.  The stats listed are for the first 3-4 seasons of PDL.  Enjoy the taste of what's to come, and we're hard at work to get this finished and released!

--- Sample Page---