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Captain’s Meeting – Fall 2018

***Reminder – Captain’s Meeting for ALL TEAMS Tonight at 7:15 at Bullfrogs***

In our efforts to integrate the league as a whole and streamline our processes we are having our Captain’s Meetings once a season, with all teams.  The fall meeting will be at a Monday sponsor, the Spring meeting will be at a Wednesday Sponsor.  The meeting will also be at 7:15 so those divisions with matches and/or teams with makeups in the divisions that have an off week will be able to make the matches (and everyone can make it to the bar to see the Yankee game).  It’s an odd night and time, but an odd time for a Captain’s meeting is better than not having one if we are all going to be on the same page moving forward.

Remember, don’t make us enforce the -5pts standings penalty for not attending the meeting.  Make sure someone on your team can make it.  It’s once a season and important for everyone involved.

Tonight’s meeting will address several topics including the playoffs and upcoming tournaments as well as clarify some rules.  A few votes and polls will be taken as well, regarding initiatives moving forward.

See you all then!