Monday, Wednesday


Hey everyone, just like everything else in your life right now, darts is going to be impacted by COVID-19.

We wanted to wait out the weekend before issuing a statement to gauge how the world was progressing. As of now, we are postponing this coming week definitively. Be prepared for a longer break, though with everything moving as fast as it is we don’t want to commit to anything beyond that just yet. When we do resume, we will likely pick the schedule up from where it stands.

I have been contacted by a surprisingly large number of captains, and we applaud you all for being so proactive. I have also heard from a number of captains that they have vulnerable people in their family or on their team and the concern is warranted and heard. NYC (for our Wednesday folk) has also decided to close bars and restaurants and, to be frank, it would be surprising if Nassau doesn’t follow suit shortly.

We will revisit our schedule and the implications for the rest of the season / awards as the week goes on, but for now take care of yourselves, “socially distance”, and get yourselves through this.

It seems inevitable this will touch some of our little world, so if you need help, please reach out. We play darts with each other, we party with each other, and we’ve seen just how much we can help each other out when necessary. This is yet another of those times. Lets have each other’s backs.

As a specific note, this is a particularly difficult decision for us, because we deal so heavily with the service industry. Not only does postponing darts mean we don’t compete this week in our chosen hobby, but it takes money out of the hands of our sponsors and their employees. We don’t do this lightly. While the matches will get played eventually, bills are due when they’re due. In any way you can, if you can, try to be understanding with people who may be facing a very tough path forward.