Monday, Wednesday

Divisional Champions!

Congratulations to all of our Divisional Champions!


In the Monday Nassau league, both Champions came out of the #2 Seed

In the A-Division, Brew House took down perennial playoff-thorns-in-the-side, Trotters, and then the upstart Pound Town who were making a Cinderella run.

In the B-Division, Jack Walsh’s made a run for their first championship the always in the mix Floral Park K of C team and a young hungry Finnegans team to take the final win.


On Wednesday, it was the #1 seeds that dominated

In the A, Tee Dees weathered the storm as it faced fierce challenges.  They took down the Kellys squad making an A-division playoff run and Emerald #1 who, likewise, was making a hard press for the win.

In the B, it was Parkside who probably had the most dominant run, from all reports turning an end of the season hot streak into a serious playoff run.  Parson’s #2 and Emerald #2 played hard, but Parkside seemed to be unstoppable this season.


This week we have the Grand Championships and then the awards party this coming Saturday at the St. Anne’s K of C!

Monday match at the Monday digs, Wednesday at the Wednesday!

Brew House v. Tee Dee’s for the A!

Jack Walsh’s v. Parkside for the B!