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Fall 2019 Notes and Reminders

So now that we’re past Labor Day the Fall 2019 Team season is really moving!  Stats for both nights are up to date with any matches we have, so if you don’t see yours up there re-send your sheet.  A couple of reminders:

  • Nassau B-1 Captains –> The original schedule had the Brews Brothers team listed as Brew House.  The team plays out of Brews Brothers!  All schedules are correct now, but if you haven’t double checked be aware!
  • League Dues –>  Captains, if you haven’t paid league dues yet get those in.  Get in touch with us if you need details.
  • Full Names –>  We keep lifetime records, so Full Names people!  If you notice a person on your team doesn’t have a full name, please put the full name on the scoresheet next match.
  • Folders –>  Anyone who still doesn’t have a folder get in touch and we will get one to you and in the meantime you can print a scoresheet here.

Also, even though it’s early there have been a couple of feats worth mentioning!

While we’ve had 6 perfect rounds in this short season, TWO of them were hit by Zach Hill (Emerald #2 – Queens B-1) in just one match!  Oddly, the R9 and C6 he hit were also his only allstars of the night… making that feat even more unusual.  Virginia Rose (Brews Brothers – Nassau B-1) also hit a 171 in the very first game of her teams season, and her first PDL game in quite a while.  She holds most of our all-time female female records so it’s great to see her back and adding more on!

We’ve also had more high checkouts (11) than high checkins (3) which will undoubtedly flip by the end of the season, but just goes to show people were ready to THROW.  Currently Jeff Kokosinski (Trotters – Nassau A) holds the high checkin at 118 and Gloria Hernandez (Rec Room #2 – Queens B-2) holds the high checkout with a 134!

As far as allstars go?  Well we’ve had 6 500+ nights, but so far Sean Iacovone (Parsons #1 – Queens A) is pacing the pack with a SOLID 730 allstars during a 4-1 night.  In fact, that match between Parkside #2 and Parsons #1 (Queens A) clocked in with the most total allstars for a complete match as well, with one member of each team grabbing a 500 night.  Check it out here.

Alright everyone, until next time… shoot well!