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Fall 2019 Playoffs

Hey everyone, sorry for the lengthy delay between posts and thank you for all for checking in with me the last two months or so… and for those that don’t know I had a baby girl halfway through the season and it’s been crazy since!  But all things are being caught up as we go and there are a few cool additions planned..  That said, you guys played your matches and it’s playoff time so I thought I’d throw up a post on the front page.  The actual bracket and playoff dates have been on the season page for a bit… if you don’t know where that is, it’s HERE.

To get into it quick and fast, here are the documents with playoff info.  The only bracket not filled out is Queens A, as there are some makeup matches that need to be played.  All of Monday and Wednesday A officially start next week, while Wednesday B divisions start playoffs tonight.  Remember that playoff stats are kept so send in your sheets.  Also, the first round in Queens B is different from all other rounds, being a 1-night, first to 15 with the rest 2-night first to 22’s.

Monday Info and Dates

Wednesday Info and Dates

Playoff Bracket