Monday, Wednesday

Finally…. We’re back!

Hey everyone!  Sorry for the long hiatus and crazy end of the season.  Wholehearted apologies for how long it took to get some of the stats up… sometimes work gets busy, sometimes family is busy, sometimes your second job side gig is busy… and some rare times all three happen at once and no matter how much you love darts you just can’t get to it.  I want to thank all of the Captain’s who reached out to check on me… it was all good things, just about 6 weeks of insanity.  SO… moving forward if there are people who would like to come learn how to keep this all updated to cover for me in case this happens again, get in touch!

That said, IT’S PLAYOFF TIME!  All of the sheets that I have are in the system.  If you don’t see your sheet it’s not in.  The Monday teams and bracket are set, I will wait until Tuesday AM for the Wednesday sheets and then I am setting that bracket as well.  At the bottom, check out the PDF’s with all of the information.  If you have any questions get in touch.

OH, and remember this season we will be keeping playoff stats.  I will have them updated on Fridays so I get the Monday and Wednesday rounds in at the same time.  So submit regular sheets.  These will track over time and across season.  Remember there is also a link to the Sheet file on the right (if you’re on a computer) or down below (if you’re on a phone).

Monday Playoff Info

Wednesday Playoff Info

Playoff Bracket