Monday, Wednesday

Full Playoff Bracket!

The Wednesday teams have been added to the bracket and we are now ready for the full playoff race!  Remember that on Wednesday, the B- Divisions have an extra round, the first round.  This round is a ONE night, first to 15 points.  It’s held at the location of the better seed (barring board conflicts).  This can lead to a short night or a very long one!


All other rounds are TWO night, first to 22 matches.  The team with the better seed has choice of where to play the first night and a full normal sheet is played.  The second night is held at the other teams location and played until 22 points is reached.


OH, and remember this season we will be keeping playoff stats.  I will have them updated on Fridays so I get the Monday and Wednesday rounds in at the same time.  So submit regular sheets.  These will track over time and across season.  Remember there is also a link to the Sheet file on the right (if you’re on a computer) or down below (if you’re on a phone).

Wednesday Playoff Info

Playoff Bracket