After running a team league for a few years, the officers of PDL realized that while Team Leagues are fun and foster a great community, the playing time isn’t concentrated enough to take invested shooters to the next level.  At the time there simply wasn’t anywhere to go to play longer format matches against good competition. So in the Summer of 2010 we tried out a new kind of league, an Individual League (see that first season here).  We wanted to incorporate 501, the international standard of darts, and Cricket, a long-time American favorite, and we got people playing better and better as it went along.

The league went through a few iterations… first everyone played 3×501 and 3xCricket against one person a night, then best of 5, then even later we had brackets playing best of 11 matches in both 501 and cricket… but the essentials remained:  Play more games, play longer format, get better at the game.  At the end of each season, we had a large 501 tournament and a large Cricket tournament for the best players, and those are some of the best events we’ve ever held.

We didn’t have the resources to keep up with the logistics of running the league for a few years, but now we are now in a position to bring it back!!!!!

A few key changes:

  1. We will be using DartConnect to run the league’s matches.  Official stats will still be kept on our website and if you can’t use DartConnect we will still have a paper form available, but if you know how to use DartConnect or are willing to learn we will have a powerful scorekeeping tool
  2. The fee will be $10 per player.  We used to charge the bar, like the team league, but that turned out to be problematic.  For instance, if you wanted to do a makeup match at another location, you really couldn’t.  By charging the players a small fee of $10 for the season to the player, we will be able to buy our plaques/trophies/sponsorships without having to worry about offending our sponsors and without causing too much hardship for the players.  Bullfrogs and Recovery Room will still put out food too!
  3. Sign up alone to play Monday at Frogs or Wednesday at Recovery Room (queens) or register a full Bracket on your own and play anywhere.
  4. The standard bracket is 6-8 people and running best of 5 matches.  If you are forming a bracket of your own, the default length of the matches and number of players can vary.  Reach out if you wish to make changes.
  5. All players from all brackets will be eligible for the final tournaments.  They will be seeded based on performance during the season.

More complete details are in This Document

Anyhow, sign up and pay the fee and lets get going!