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Playoff Dates and the Holidays

Hey all… just a quick note about playoff dates.  Monday now has two weeks off because of Christmas and New Years, and Wednesday A-divisions will also two weeks off after tonight.  Wednesday B-divisions had an extra round so they only have off the week of New Years.  That said, if any two teams would LIKE to play during the “off-weeks” they are more than welcome too.  We didn’t want to require people to play but by all means play early if it works for you.  Just keep in mind that they other matches may not play so you may wind up with some weeks off anyway after you finish.

That said, good luck to all the Wed A-division teams finishing up Round #1 tonight and the Wed B-division teams starting Round #2!

Fall 2018 Playoff Bracket

(if the bracket doesn’t look updated, just refresh it once it’s in your browser)