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Playoff Eligibility

Hey everyone,

It’s about that time people start asking about playoff eligibility so we thought it was worth it to post.  The general rule is that players must have match credits equal to half +1 of the team matches played, or half rounded up if there are an odd number of matches.  For the most part that rule is there to keep someone from only coming to one or two matches but then showing up in the playoffs and changing the dynamic… sandbagging.  It’s never really been an iron clad rule though, because we really want darts being played.  We’ve always made some exceptions for people who’ve had reasonable reasons… broken wrists in the middle of the season or team members left midseason and a captain scrambled for new bodies to finish the season but too late for qualifying.

Looking at the rosters this season, we noticed a lot of people on what looks to be a reasonable bubble.  That is, they will make just about half, but might fall a match short.  A lot of teams had some roster issues and it just seems like it would benefit everyone to drop the “+1” from the requirement this particular season.  We’re still going to draw a line if someone only made a few weeks but if someones just at half this season, we’ll allow it. To further clarify we will put out a formal eligibility list before playoff matches start.  This might be all at once or, depending on makeups, Mondays might come out a few days before Wednesdays.

We’ve also traditionally added a match credit to anyone who attends our tournaments.  So this season we have a 501 Tournament this coming weekend (5/18 at Point Break) and anyone in need of a match credit can earn it there.