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Playoff Information

Hey everyone, so I posted all the PDF’s with the playoff information over the weekend.  Dates and a sample bracket are up on the season page, just under the master schedules.  The dates are basically as you’d expect, though there is no makeup week, and on Monday a match needs to get played the week of Memorial day (though not necessarily ON that day).  This was necessitated by the joint awards ceremony with CCDL .We will work out matchups as the time comes and we know who’s where. We are also opening up a consolation bracket for the first time.  Traditionally we have not done them due to lack of interest, but they ARE good for the sponsors and a few teams asked… so if people want them, we’re all for it!  Also, we started tracking stats for the playoffs last season and we’ll be doing that again, so remember to keep submitting sheets!

More important, however, are getting the makeups done.  Captains have been GREAT this year at getting things done, and we have an astonishingly small number of makeups, tbh, and no team has more than one.  Here’s the list:

  • Week #9     –     Jack Walsh’s v. Bullfrog’s #1 (Nassau B)
  • Week #9     –     FLB’s v. Tori O’Toole’s (Queens A)
  • Week #10   –     Emerald Pub #1 v. Recovery Room #1 (Queens A)
  • Week #11   –     St. Anne’s K of C v. Trotters (Nassau A)
  • Week #11   –     Kelly’s #1 v. Recovery Room #2 (Queens A)

All Divisions work out to the same timeline this season, here are the dates:

  1. Round #1 – Weeks of 5/13/2019 and 5/20/2019
  2. In Night Finals – Weeks of 6/3/2019 and 6/10/2019
  3. Grand Championship – The Week of 6/17/2019 (played on Mon AND Wed)
  4. The Awards Ceremony – 6/22/2019 @ the St. Anne’s Knights of Colombus
  5. Consolation Brackets have roughly the same dates, though Nassau A has one fewer rounds and we didn’t plan for a cross-over Mon/Weds Match (though if the teams want to that’s awesome)

For the record, here are the detailed documents:

Monday Playoff Information

Wednesday Playoff Information

Bracket (All Divisions)