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Playoff Stats and Bracket

Hey everyone… just a few updates:

  1.  Preliminary Playoff stats are up for all matches that were sent (except Queens A – they’ll be up in a few hours).  Right now it’s just an MVP rank, but stay tuned for more additions later this week.  It’s an orange-ish button on the main season page.  All divisions, teams, conferences are mixed for now.  You can limit this to a single division or conference using the filter box on the top right of the table.
  2. The playoff bracket is updated with what we know so far, if it seems stale, refresh the page.
  3. The 3-man rule:  A few seasons ago we did away with the 3-man doubling up in the playoffs.  Technically if you have three you’re forfeiting points.  However, captain’s have a great deal of discretion to work this out on their own.
  4. Playoff eligibility requirements:  A few questions came in about this as well.  Eligibility for the playoffs is “half of the matches you play +1 (if an even number of matches), or half of the matches you play rounded up (if an odd number of matches)”.  That said, the purpose of this rule (and players not being added after week #4) is to prevent “Ringers” from only playing a few matches and trying to jump in in the last few weeks of a season or just in the playoffs to throw off the balance of a division.  If there is a player who is not a ringer but simply didn’t make some matches, captains have full authority to allow an opposing player to play in a match.  This is a bar league, we aren’t pros being paid here, life happens and we can’t all make it every week… and the point is to have a good time, throw darts, let the bars make some money (because remember we don’t pay to play, they pay FOR us too).
  5. In short for points 4 & 5, remember we have rules to keep things in order, but Captain’s always have the leeway (and responsibility) to make decisions and agreements to make sure things keep running.
  6. Shoot well tonight (for the Monday teams) and in two days (for the Wednesday ones!)

Still Missing:

  • Sheet for Nassau A – Jack Walsh’s v. McCarthy’s
  • Results for Queens B – Recovery Room #2 v. Recovery Room #4