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Spring 2019 – Week #1 Review

What a Week #1 everyone!  In a minor dart miracle, EVERY MATCH for Week #1 was played and reported!  A-Divisions and B-Divisions, Monday Nassau and Wednesday Queens, old teams and new, everyone sent in their matches… so from us at the League to the captains and players, thanks!  The more quickly you get your sheets in the faster we can get the stats up… and they’re up!  It was a pretty great week too, with most matches fairly close and a total of 16,211 allstars hit, almost a third of them in the 401s, which means everyone walked in eager and ready!


Now we’re going to try to keep up with blog updates this season, but no promises we’ll have commentary every week or that the posts will have any particular format… but as the season moves along we’ll try to bring some color to the numbers and bring  story-lines to the league.  And Week one sure had some stories… the best of which, IMHO, is how the two teams that have moved up from B into the A divisions did this week.  We can’t always have that happen, teams change, break up, new ones come in, but this season it just made sense for the two B-Division champions (St. Anne’s on Monday and Rec Room #2 on Wednesday) to move up and *maybe* their first match was a welcome against the A-Division champs on both sides.  But you know what?  Both did well!  St. Anne’s actually beat out Trotters 11-10 to make a statement.  Rec Room #1 won the match against their new counterparts, but the Rec Room #2 team made a solid showing and clearly showed they belong.


We also have some new teams, and I just want to take a second to thank Alix/Keion for pulling together a new team out of Point Break on Mondays, Rich Henry for bringing Tori O’Toole’s back to Wednesdays, and Vinnie Kennedy for bringing his team over to the Queens league.  Welcome to the league and the new competition guys!


Individual Achievements

Only one perfect round this week:  an R9 by Keion on Weds out of Emerald.  I’m sure more will roll in as the weeks move forward but for now the cheese stands alone!

We didn’t have a single high checkout this week (very surprising with 14 matches) but we did have FIVE high checkins (all from A-Division).  Dave Don (112), Pat Walsh (102), John Lydon (101), and Ben Califano (98) all hit a high in, but the highest of the week goes to Sean Iacovone with his 120.

Pete Testani looks to make his captain Brian Barberi (Brew House) a genius throwing a 500 night on his first night back in PDL since a brief appearance in 2016.  Edgar Castillo threw 600 points in a strong individual effort, though it came up short for his team as they took a week #1 loss… but that team looks vastly improved with his services this season so stay tuned.



(1)  Remember, we have removed the special rules for playing with 3… should you play with three there is no repeating of players.  You MAY repeat one player in a 301 if you have 4, but never the same person in back to back weeks and no more than 5 times in a season for any one player.  It is up to all captains to make sure they help enforce this rule.

(2)  You have until darts fly Week #5 to make adjustments to your rosters.  Grab people off the stools and get them into the game, give yourselves some depth for when people get sick.  Help grow this thing and make your lives easier.  If you’re in A your adjustments will mostly be approved with no issue.  In B, adjustments need to be screened so as to not throw off the competitive balance too much so make sure you reach out first.

(3)  Tournament and Captains meeting info will be released later this week, stay tuned!