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Spring 2019 – Week #2 Review

Week #2 is in the books folks!  Well, most of it.  We’ve had our first official postponement.  So here’s our official once-a-season reminder about postponements:

Remember that all matches should be played when scheduled.  If you have to ask another team to reschedule, remember you’re asking them to do you a favor.  Also remember that most teams are on the road early so make sure you let them know and don’t make people miss out on time with their family’s, etc by telling them too late.  Be respectful.  On the flip side, keep in mind if someone asks for a change that you might well be in that position one day so remember to act like you’d want someone to act if you had to ask.  In the end as much as we all love darts, life does happen, but lets do our best to keep this to a minimum, be understanding on both sides, and make those matches up quickly.

Reminder #2 for the week is about the rules for playing short.  Everyone’s been good about the big changes and not playing with 3 or 2, and we all know if you do that you’re forfeiting games and playing ironman.  But remember the more subtle rule change for playing with 4.  Someone gets to repeat in the 301 and 601 set if you’re playing with 4… but with 2 caveats:  (1)  You can’t repeat the same person two weeks in a row and (2) no one person can repeat more than 5 times per season.  There were a couple of matches that had someone repeat in week #1 and #2 and we reminded the Captains in those matches but we just wanted to throw a general reminder up there.  It’s up to everyone to make sure this rule is kept so keep it in mind when you’re playing!

As for the actual week…

On the individual side:

First, can Alix Jean lose?  So far playing out Point Break on Mondays and Emeralds on Wednesday, he’s 15-0 for the season overall.  He’ll lose sometime, but talk about a hot start!

As for best nights, nobody unseated Edgar Castillo’s 600 night, but Wig from Emerald and Bobby from Rec Room joined Edgar and Pete Testani on the 500+ night list with 593 and 500 nights, respectively.  Bobby also had a fairly ridiculous singles cricket game, so you should check that match out if you get a chance.

We had no high checkouts week #1, but in Week #2 both Monday and Wednesday A-Divisions had a thunderous finish.  Wig from Emerald took out a 113 in a 501 and Chris Collier out of Lucky Bar 13’s “Pound Town” team ended a 401 with a 101.  Both are solid checkouts, will they hold up?   And in the B… the door’s wide open folks!

We’ve already had so many high opens (10) that its a lot to name all the individuals every week, though it is pretty interesting that we had exactly 5 week 1 and 5 week 2.  That puts us well above our average pace for total high checkins for a season so lets see if the hot start of… err.. hot starts keeps on keeping on.

Pat Walsh also dropped a 180 this week, bringing our total perfect round count for the season to 2.


As for the Divisions:

The Nassau A division is a perfect example of parity, with no week #2 match outside of a “601 swing” between winners and losers.  In fact over the course of the first two weeks only one match is outside that range and it was only 14-7.  2 Teams have won 2 matches, 2 teams have gone 1-1, and two teams have lost 2 matches… it’s really shaping up to be a tight division.  The top of the division, though, are the two new entrants to the division:  McCarthy’s #2 and St. Anne’s… so the new blood is setting the pace so far.

Queens A has a wider range of scores with new teams book ending 1st and 8th.  Even among individual teams, there’s a wide range… take Kelly’s for example who took a whopping 19 points in Week #1 but lost the match in Week #2 with 8 points.  Emerald is an example of consistency, though, scoring 13 points both nights.  That’s gonna get them into the playoffs if they keep it up… but for everyone else it’s going to be a wild ride until the first cycle of matches is complete!

Nassau B has only 6 points separating 1st through 7th and fully half of the matches played this season ending in 11-10 scores. That’s about as even as it gets!

Queens B has probably the least predictable results of the bunch. Lots of matches ending 15-6 with some teams being on both ends of that! Emerald 2 and Kelly’s 2 look solid so far at the top but they play each other this coming week so we’ll see what happens in their first test. With a makeup match in there it’s hard to do any other real scrutinizing so we’ll wait for more days after week 3…