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Spring 2019 – Week #3&4 Review

Weeks #3 and #4 are in the books folks!  As usual, after the first week or two some of the scores start spreading and the divisions start to form out a little bit.  We still haven’t finished the first round of matches in any division though, so I’ll wait to do a full round up before we get into all that.  Nassau A Division will wrap up their first round of matches this week, and everyone else has another two weeks.  There are, however, a few things to note:

  • If your dues aren’t in, get them in ASAP
  • Rosters can only change until darts fly tonight, so if you have alterations get them in now!
  • Even though this is a short update, one achievement simply can’t be overlooked…
    • In Week #3, Liz Kirk from Bullfrog’s won a 301 using the x1 for both the in and the out.  It was the first time this season that had happened, and its a crazy feat!  Then in Week #4, not to be outdone, Roger McGovern out of the Floral Park K of C accomplished something arguably even more difficult:  hitting the Nuthouse for the open and the close in a 501 Doubles!  It just goes to show that a win is a win no matter how it gets done, and you can never give up on a game.  That’s the way to earn points ladies and gents!

Alright everyone, gear up for Week #5 and lets get some more Tungsten flying!