Spring 2020 Monday Night Schedule

Hey everyone!  The Monday night schedule is UP!  But make sure you read this because there was a LOT of movement between seasons… people changed teams, new teams came in, old teams broke up.  It’s a very new landscape.  It’s always good to see movement, makes dart night more exciting.  Also, as a note, folders will be dropped at Bullfrogs at **some point** on Sunday night.  Can’t guarantee what time, so plan on having someone run and grab them before your week #1 match on Monday.


Lets start with the A-division… which has some fairly significant changes…

For starters two teams are out of the mix: Trotters and Lucky Bar #13.  Both teams had long runs on Monday, but dart fatigue set in and people needed some time off.  Happens to us all! Hopefully they’ll be back, but for now that meant we had a few holes in the division. 

Fortunately we had a couple of teams ready to step into those gaps.  Finnegans, who won all of B last season and even made a solid run at winning the Grand Championship against Queens, is moving up to test their mettle.  Likewise The Point Break team, with a few very strong performers is ready and eager to make some noise.  Both teams seemed primed for the challenge when asked and nothing takes the place of that hunger when it really comes down to it.

But wait!  There’s more!

There is one team is moving over from the Queens B-1 division and slotting into the Nassau A.  It was Parson’s #2 last season if you want to look it up, but it’s helmed by Edgar Castillo and looks to throw a nice wrench in the works.  They’ll be out of Bullfrog’s and a new team in the ecosystem should shake things up nicely.

Speaking of Bullfrogs, that’s the one last change in the A… Christina Galante’s team added Dan Diaz to her roster.  Add his top 5 A-division talent to her back to back female MVP performances and it just wasn’t really possible to keep that team in B.  Look to see a very interesting season out of that bunch as they all step up to the challenge and sling some arrows.

So all in all, there are 7 teams and a bye in the A (8-team schedule)… with the Champion McCarthy’s #1 team probably still the favorites on paper until someone takes their crown and only two other teams from last season:  The other McCarthy’s team run by Tom Scanlan and the Brew House team (albeit with some changes) led by Tony Pagillo.  That leaves 4 other teams to get their chance to step up and it’s going to be really exciting to see what happens.


Now onto the B-Division….

Far fewer changes in this division, but still enough to talk about.

One of last seasons Finnegans teams (led by Tom G) has moved to the Angry Gnome. Nice to have that sponsor come back into the fold.  They take on the (unique for this season) largely unchanged Bullfrog’s #2 team in the first week.

Meanwhile the Brews Brothers team has a spinoff!  Scott Puckhaber has taken his captain’s skills and is leading a team out of the Dogwood Inn.  That means Brett Asher is taking up the reigns of the Brews Brothers squad.  Will they play each other Week #1?  That probably happened!  🤷🏻‍♂️ Scheduling is an art, folks, its an art.

On that note, we also have last years team-splitting pair, McCarthy’s #3 and Floral Park K of C ready to take each other on in Week #1… leading to a really fun start to the season.

Remember all folders will be at Bullfrogs at some point on Sunday and will be there Monday to pick up at any point. ALL captains send a copy of the sheet to the number on the form, and get those dues in if you haven’t. Quick reminder that roster changes are still possible until darts fly on Week #5 so keep recruiting to give yourself depth.

Let’s have a great Monday season folks!

A-Division Schedule – Mon – Spring 2020

B-Division Schedule – Mon – Spring 2020