Individual, Monday, Wednesday

The Individual League is back!

Ever since the Individual League went away a few years ago, we’ve been asked a lot to bring it back.  We wanted to make sure that when we did we were ready to really bring it back strong… and that time has COME!  This summer will be the newest season of the Individual League.  So if you’ve missed it come play again, and if you’ve never played in it read the post and get in on this.  Most players who played in it found that their dart game improved and they had a great time.  You get more darts in a concentrated format.

Click Here to see a detailed document with dates and format.  Here’s a brief summary:

  • Play in a Bracket of 6 to 8 people
  • Play a “Best of” Series in 501 (SI/DO), and a “Best of” Series of Cricket against ONE opponent per match
  • Play Monday at Bullfrogs or Wednesday at Recovery Room (Queens) or sign up a full bracket and play wherever you want
  • League-Connected DartConnect for score keeping (paper forms available for those uncomfortable or unfamiliar with DartConnect)
  • Final Tournaments for both 501 and Cricket at the end of the season
  • Play in multiple brackets if you wish]
  • $10 per player, per bracket
  • Registration Deadline 6/22
  • Play Begins the week of 6/24

So get in early, pay the fee, and we’ll start putting brackets together now!