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The new site is here!

It’s been a long time coming everyone!!!  The new site is here and we hope it’s going to help bring PDL to a new level.  We’ve made a lot of improvements both to what we’re bringing you and to how we present it.  Here are a few highlights (oh, and this is the page to this season if you want it quickly…) :

  • Speed – the site is much, much faster than our last site.  We’ve completely redesigned our data processing engine to go through almost 10 years of data in seconds.
  • Ease of Use – Simple things like seeing the calendar, captain’s #s, or sponsor addresses will be much easier to find.
  • Mobile Friendly – The site is built to be able to be used on a phone.  Except tables with a lot of data… those are a web designer’s nightmare… but besides that 😉
  • Depth of Stats – For the stat junkies we still have plenty of data to delve into, more in fact than we used to.  The site has also been built from the ground up to be extensible, so if there’s a stat you want to see let us know and we can likely build it in and get it out there for you.
  • Extensibility – As mentioned in the last bullet… this site has a lot of potential.  We are going to be adding a lot of new things in the coming weeks.  Tournaments, a resurgence of our Individual League and partnerships with other leagues are all in the works and will be easily folded into the new site in the future so stay tuned!
  • Player Registration Form – Talking to a friend about getting into darts?  Have them fill out the form and we’ll try to get the strays onto teams each season


Nassau (Monday) and Queens (Wednesday) Together

Don’t worry, we don’t mean travel!

But since our Monday and Wednesday leagues run on the same basic calendar and have comparable sizes/skill levels we have brought them together on the season pages.  We’re a large community with local divisions and we wanted it to feel that way.  It will now be easier to see the other locations and teams and players.  A player can still play on one Monday and one Wednesday team as well, the stats will be counted separately.


Check Out the Fall 2018 Season Page Here


Now don’t worry, we know change is hard… but as you settle in with this site you will come to really like it.  Let us know on the Contact form what we can do to help the process or make this even better!