Wednesday Playoffs begin tonight!

Just a reminder, everyone, that Wednesday playoffs start tonight!  The bracket has been updated so make sure you get in touch with your opposing captains.  This round is a first to 22, home and home.  Also, keep your sheets, playoff stats will be tracked.  If you didn’t make the playoffs proper, you’ve been slotted into the consolation brackets… same deal to you all.

Below find Playoff eligibility for the Wednesday season.  In consolation brackets all players with a match credit are eligible.


Eligible Players for Wednesday Playoff Teams:


Philip Parjohn, Ryan Nazario, Mahendra Persaud, Mohammed Salim, Naeem Hydar


Recovery Room #1

Anthony Dimino, Tommy Carbone, Brian Honeyman, Sonny Koh, Jeff Caparella


Emeralds #1

Wigberto Garcia, John Boyle, Sal Loicano, Sahaib, Manny Gonzalez


Kelly’s #1

Ivan Miralrio, Wong S, Dave Tang, Q Chan, Tony Khoor, Shawn


Chris Keegan, Jimmy Cuschieri, Andrew Romano, Hector Barcia, John Maher, Hector Perez, Dane Eppler, Matt Heyward


Emerald #2

Keion Cedeno, Alix Jean, John Altenberg, Diana Gonzalez, Dom Zmudzin, Mike Morrin


Kelly’s #2

Martin, Carlos, Pete M, Mike, Luciano Jamiolkowski, Carly, Daniel


Parson’s #2

Dio Fortaliza, Derek De Jesus, Edgar Castillo, Ron Ganigan, Ricky Tarrila, Erick Zaide, Richard Lee