Monday, Wednesday

Weeeeeeeeee’re back!!!

Ok, well I’m back anyway!  I almost always use the “we” and not “I” when I write these posts because I’m writing on behalf of the league, but this time I’m going to make it personal.  Hey everyone, it’s Adam.  Sorry for the long delay in between posts, but for those who don’t know (1) my wife and I found out that we’re expecting another child and (2) our house got obliterated with a stomach bug that took two weeks to work it’s way through our house.  The first one is obviously the more important one and we’re over the moon excited… but it took us a while to get through the first trimester and make all the adjustments at home.  We’re back to a routine in the house, though, and I wanted to make sure I put some attention back here!  So lets cover a few things:

  • After tonight’s matches I’ll write a post about stats and divisions and playoff races and such.  May as well wait until these matches are through before I get all into it.
  • Speaking of playoffs, we’ll have dates and info up before the weekend
  • One thing to note, however, is that somehow I missed a week making the schedule and in order to keep the Grand Championship before the party we aren’t going to have time for a makeup week after the season.  So if you have a makeup match try your hardest to get it made up before then so a bracket can be determined in a timely fashion.
  • That mistake made me a little angry, so I laid out the schedule for the rest of this season, the summer, and the next Fall season on the calendar page.  At least we know that won’t happen again.
  • Also, Tournament dates are up.  I will be reaching out to all of you who offered to help  with these.  If you don’t hear from me reach out again, it might have slipped through the cracks.  Tournaments are awesome so lets get them done.  I haven’t posted venues because who is able to help might determine that, but the dates *should* remain firm.
  • Lastly, and I’m super excited about this one, we will be re-launching the Individual League this summer.  The dates are up, as is an interest form.  More details will come, probably next week.  For those of you haven’t played in it, it was an awesome format.  Many of the old stats have been loaded so if you DID play in the past you can look up the past seasons, etc.  If you’re curious how it works reach out to me and I’ll explain.

That said lets have a great week and I’ll get back to posting about everyone’s exploits tomorrow!