Monday, Wednesday

Week #6 Notes

Hey everyone, all stats have been entered through Week #6 for all sheets recieved.  Monday sheets and Wednesday sheets will process Thursday for week #7.  With the launch of the new site there are a ton of opportunities to add, change, and improve.  As we make those improvements we will let you know what’s been changed along with message for the league in general.  That said, here are a few notes:

(1)  We’ve added the Master Schedule PDF’s to the Season pages.  Thanks to Dan Diaz from McCarthy’s for the suggestion

(2)  We’ve added quick links to the current team season and to the match form on the right (on a computer) or below the list of posts (phone).

(3)  We fixed the bug in the standings that wasn’t adding 13 for teams on a bye.  Thanks to Spiro from Kelly’s for mentioning thing!

(4)  DO NOT FORGET next weeks Captain’s meeting.  It’s on the calendar and has been since the schedule came out.  We have one per season, so find someone on your team that can make it. It will be held Monday 10/8 at Bullfrogs at 7:15.  It will take approximately 20-30 minutes, so Monday teams will make their matches.  The Spring meeting will take place at a Wednesday sponsor on a Wednesday so it’s fair in the long run.  Please do not make us deduct points by missing the meeting, noone wants that, but we do need captains in the same room to make sure everyone is on the same page.

(5)  If your team still owes dues, please bring them to the meeting.  If you are unsure, contact Adam.